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Here is where you'll find some of the stories that have been auctioned off throughout the years of the Moonridge Online Auction. I've made this a community so that authors can post the stories written specifically for the auction.

The concept for this community came from the wonderful justmej who thought it would be a great idea for all the Moonridge stories would have one home where anyone could go to find and read them. So here we are.

Posting of stories will be an ongoing activity - hopefully as more authors offer theirs - so keep checking back (newly posted fiction will be marked as such for up to 30 days) - and of course, if you'd like to include your Moonridge story or stories, please email me so I let you know what to do in order to enable me to include your fiction in the archive.

Unfortunately, there's been a rash of spam comments so I've disabled the comment section to this permanent post, so if you have any questions, want posting access, etc., just email me. 

When sending your story, please utilize the following template:

Category (meaning Slash, Gen and/or Kink)
Moonridge Year (meaning for which Moonridge auction did you write the story)
Who won the story (applies only if a single person was the winner)
Warnings: (the minimum warnings for this archive are: Death of a major character, Rape/Non-con, graphic violence, and permanent disability)
(warnings can be blocked out so the reader has to run their cursor over them so as not to spoil for others so just let me know if that's what you want when I post)

Under the cut, you'll find links to all the stories (all of which have actually been posted at my Dreamwidth journal which allows for longer stories in a single post). All stories are sorted by fandom but you can also use the LINKS to the left of this page to find a particular author and thus their story/stories (once you've finished one author's story, simply follow the arrows at the bottom - "previous" or "next" or click on "Back Home to Table of Contents")

NOTE: Thanks to starwatcher  it was pointed out how difficult the old DW journal theme was to read, so it has now been CHANGED to make reading easier! It's now black on white, but if it's still hard to read (maybe the font is too small?), you have the option to change that by going up to the top right hand corner of the journal where you'll see, just under the search box, something that reads:

Reload page in:   my style   light style

If you have a DW account, you know what this means, but if you don't, simply click on: "Light Style" and you'll get a larger page with larger text!

Thank you and Enjoy!
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